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2022-2023 Club Photo.jpg

2022-2023 Club Team Photo!

What a year we had!

We keep saying this but we just keep growing!

Girls from 9 years old - 16 years old played this year!

These girls attend different schools but came together to play as a team.

ISDs these girls represent: Cuero, Nordheim, Runge, Nixon, Kenedy, Karnes City, Pawnee, George West, Falls City, Skidmore & Beeville.

We are just proud of every single girl that walks through our doors & sticks it out!


These are 2022-2023 photos!

11s Black

This team was made up of girls from 9-11!

This team is a mix of young, new to volleyball players & returning players. They all worked hard & we are proud of the work they put in.

Head Coach: Bryana Morin

Assistant Coach: Ethan Garcia

This was a long but exciting night for our girls!

They took home 2nd place in the Gold bracket & in their 1st tournament of the season!


SUPERIOR VOLLEY #1 January 14, 2023 in San Antonio, TX.

They won all 3 games in pool play & lost in a 3 set thrilling match for the championship! 


On March 12, 2023 these girls brought home 3rd place at the Fear the Paw Gold Bracket in Seguin, TX!

Way to go girls and coaches!!

12s Black

This team was made up of girls from 9-12!

This team is a mix of young, new to volleyball players & returning players. We are proud of the work they put in.

Head Coach: David Sotello

Assistant Coach: Ben Asebedo


On January 7, 2023 in Austin, Texas  these girls tied for 3rd place. 

Then brought home 3rd place on Saturday February 25, 2023 at February Frenzy tournament in Buda, TX!

No team picture was taken, unfrtuanately.

These girls were on fire!

On March 4, 2023, they tied for 1st & went 2-1 at the IH-35 League #3 held in Seguin, TX.


Coach Sotelo & Asebedo are beyond proud of their continued growth!


What a day for our Viper girls!


1st place at the Topflight #9 tournament, held in Buda, TX on March 25, 2023!

Even with no air conditioning and being in the gym for 9+ hours, these girls played hard & fought through it all.


Congratulations girls and coaches!


What a way to end the season! 1


2nd place at the April Fools tournament, in La Vernia, TX on April 1, 2023!


Congratulations girls and coaches!


13s Black

Our 13s team didn't win much but they came a long way! 

They hustled every single game & never gave up!

We also never got a formal photo of them at a tournament, but we do have their fierce team photo!

Head Coach: Loran Asebedo

Assistant Coach: Jesse Garcia


On May 20, 2023 at the South Texas Summer Classic, they tied for 3rd place!

14s Black

This team was young & not as experienced as teams they played but they kept coming to practice & working on themselves.

What more could a coach ask for?

They didn't win as often as they should've but we couldn't have been prouder of them! 

Enjoy the small video we made from one of their tournaments,

Head Coach: Lauriza Garcia

Assistant Coach: Miranda Perez

2022-2023 Christmas Team Party!


Playing in SAE#2 Served Chilled on January 28, 2023 in San Antonio, TX


15s Black

This team went through some major changes though the season, as well as often being shorthanded - HS girls have such hectic schedules, when they are in every sport for their schools.

This team was made up of girls in 7th, 8th & 9th grades.

They worked hard & we couldn't have been prouder of them!

Head Coach: Lauriza Garcia

Assistant Coach: Miranda Perez

These girls right here!

Coach Lauriza can't say enough about how proud she is of the work they put in!

This was our first time sending a team out of state!

February 25-26, 2023, they attended the Kaizen Invitational in Tulsa Oklahoma & while we didn't win every game, we learned a lot about our abilities to overcome adversity!

We were super young, compensating for last minute players who couldn't attend.

We had: 1-7th grader, 4-8th graders, 3-Freshman.

Our youth showed at times, but they pulled together & got stronger. 


We brought in a few "Old Ladies" past Vipers, some of which were from our very first year in existence, to scrimmage against our 15s, to get in some work before heading to Oklahoma.


What a way to end the season!


1st place at FSC#8, in San Antonio, TX on May 6, 2023.

This team has been beat up & hurt most of the season, but they hung in there & their dedication has shown on the court!

Thank you to our extra coaches, Ethan & Ben who helped us work 2 games at once.


Congratulations girls and coaches!

16s Black

Our 16s Team was also often shorthanded with the HS girls having such hectic schedules (work, HS activities) it was hard to mesh & even harder to actually play in a tournament. 

They were a very young team, with some girls having to play for 3 separate teams.

This team was filled with 7th, 8th & 9th graders & only 1 true 16s player.

They worked hard & we couldn't have been prouder of them!

Head Coach: Lauriza Garcia

Assistant Coach: Aracely Nieto


These girls brought home SILVER!!

2nd place in the Gold Bracket of Spring Fling in Leander, TX on March 25, 2023.


Being a very young team didn't stop them! They worked hard & played in the championship game against the only team they had lost to earlier in the day.

Congratulations girls and coaches!!

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