Vipers Volleyball Club is a Junior Level Volleyball Club, sanctioned by the Lone Star Region of USA Volleyball.

Our goal is to give all female athletes, aged 8-18, a place to participate in a competitive volleyball environment.

Our coaches will help develop their understanding of the game, while also helping to improve their skills needed to be competitive & excel in Jr. High, High School & hopefully on to college level volleyball.

In case any of you are concerned about sanitizing procedures for the gym where we will hold practices, we are responsible for cleaning after ourselves apart from their own sanitizing system.

We will take temperatures of our staff before each practice and all players before they can enter the gym.  We will stay up to date with the city's Covid-19 guidelines and will implement what is suggested by the mayor. Each parent must acknowledge that they conducted a self-screening for COVID-19 by signing a statement that they did not have symptoms upon entry into the facility. 

Coaches will sanitize the balls and benches between each practice. 

We will do whatever we can to make sure our volleyball family and staff are safe.

Coaching Staff

Lauriza Garcia

Ethan Garcia

Loren Asebedo

Vanessa Urrutia

David Sotelo

2020-2021 Club Fees Include
  • 2 Jerseys (11U gets 1 Jersey)

  • 1 Practice t-shirts

  • 1 Set of Warm Up Jacket/Pants

  • 1 Spandex Shorts

  • 1 Pairs Socks

  • 1 Pair Kneepads

  • 1 Backpack

  • Coaches fees

  • Tournament entry fees

  •  USAV Membership 

  • Gym Usage Fees


Not Included:

  • Shoes

  • Lodging/Travel/Food arrangements for players

  • Junior Olympic fees should a team qualify, gym, coaching expenses, etc will be added in the event a team qualifies.

Why Join Our Club?

1. Gain New Skills

2. Improve Your Game Play

3. Play New & Competitive Teams

4. Make New Friends

5. Have FUN!