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21-22 Club Photo_edited.jpg

What a year we had!

We keep saying this but we just keep growing!

Girls from 9 years old - 16 years old played this year!

They came from all over: Nordheim, Runge, Kenedy, Karnes City, Nixon, George West, Pawnee, Falls City, Skidmore & Beeville.

We are just proud of every single girl that walks through our doors & sticks it out!


21-22 11s.jpg

This team was made up of girls from 9-11!

They all worked hard!

Super proud of the work they put in.

We had so many girls, we made 2 teams!
11s Black & 11s Green

11U Teams

21-22 11s Green.jpg

Our 11s Green Took 3rd Place!
Roots#4 - Austin, TX

March 5, 2022

Head Coach: Aimee Hernandez

Assistant Coach: Ethan Garcia

11s Green

This photo is of BOTH 11 Teams

11s Black

Head Coach: Bryana Morin

Assistant Coach: David Sotelo

12U Teams

This team was made up of girls from 10-12!

We had so many girls, we made 2 teams!
12s Black & 12s Green

21-22 12s Black.jpg

12s Black

21-22 12s Green.jpg

12s Green

Our 12s Green Took 3rd Place!
Fear The Paw - Seguin, TX

March 13, 2022

Head Coach: Bryana Morin

Assistant Coach: Naomi Bentura

Our 12s Black at our Christmas Party!

Head Coach: Loran Asebedo

Assistant Coach: Aimee Hernandez

Club Team Photo!

13s Team

21-22 13s.jpg

Our 13s team didn't win much but they came a long way! 

They hustled every single game & never gave up!

We also never got a formal photo of them at a tournament, but we got them after playing against their parents!

Head Coach: David Sotelo

Assistant Coach: Arlette Ramirez

14s Team

1st Place - Bronze Bracket

Alamo City Power Play - San Antonio, TX

January 30, 2022

21-22 14s Alamo City Power Play.jpg
21-22 14s Roots#3.jpg

2nd Place - Gold Bracket

Roots#3 - Austin, TX

February 19, 2022

6-3 Overall Record

Adidas Lone Start Classic#1

National Qualifiers

Dallas, TX

April 9-11, 2022

Head Coach: Lauriza Garcia

Assistant Coach: Miranda Perez

21-22 14s.jpg
21-22 14s Dallas.jpg

15s Team

21-22 15s.jpg

Our 15s Team was often short handed - HS girls have such hectic schedules, when they are in every sport for their schools.

They worked hard & we couldn't have been more proud of them!

Head Coaches: Vanessa Mitchell & Lauriza Garcia

Assistant Coach: Aracely Nieto

21-22 16s.jpg

16s Team

Our 16s Team was also often shorthanded. The injury bug hit hard & then with also having all these HS girls with such hectic schedules (work, HS activities) it was hard to mesh. Hence the only picture we got was at our Christmas party!

They worked hard & we couldn't have been prouder of them!

Head Coach: Lauriza Garcia

Assistant Coach: Loren Asebedo

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